Travel/Contract Services

NurseClientContract assignments are challenging positions to fill; you have to find a qualified candidate who is willing to work for a mere 13 weeks and you can’t offer benefits or subsidies for out-of-towners. That’s where we come in. Continuum’s experienced travel/contract recruiters have the knowledge and reach to find candidates that can meet your short-term staffing needs. We have a competitive compensation package to attract truly exceptional employees, and we only send clients those candidates we believe to be the best: the best employees, the best at what they do, the best match for the job.

While we also work with interim senior- and mid-level healthcare managers, our contract employees primarily come from the nursing and allied professional ranks. CMS boasts a wide selection of qualified nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, imaging and pharmacy specialists, among others. We provide our employees with ongoing support and guidance, ensuring a successful assignment completed to our client’s satisfaction.

Continuum Medical Staffing offers our clients many benefits as we:

  • Meet your staffing needs with the right healthcare professional
  • Absorb all healthcare, worker’s comp and employee tax costs
  • Facilitate employee payroll and benefits
  • Offer computerized credentials and exams, via Joint Commission accredited API Healthcare, ARS and ACS software
  • Implement extensive on-boarding orientation and help outsource as much of your facility orientation you are comfortable with
  • Guarantee one-on-one attention with a 24-hour response time to any questions or problems that may arise

Contact one of our experienced travel/contract recruiters and let us know how we can help you complete your staff with a contract employee.